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MRI Healthgroup assists patients injured in auto accidents, work related injuries or personal injury cases as a result of negligence who require a MRI or Imamaging diagnosis as a part of routine treatment and therapy.  

We make every effort in always providing patients with the best value and quality MRI Imaging services. 

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If you are a patient represented by an attorney or an adjuster you were injured as a result of an auto accident or another party's negligence,  MRI Healthgroup will help you find a quality MRI Imaging center with no out of pocket cost, fees or interest. 


We approve most MRI treatments with NO upfront cost and NO OUT OF POCKET FEES are ever billed directly to patients.

Experience!    Reliability!    Expertise!    Same Day Appointments!

MRI Health Group

We work with physicians and doctors to transition personal injury patients to MRI diagnostic centers.  Our support team wil help patients with scheduling and payment for MRI examinations.  

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